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Orlando Terrorist Attack Relaunches Gun Control Debate

By Dr. Steve Moysey
June 14, 2016

CaptureThis article on gun control was originally written for the Becker College Magazine “Bridges” at the request of the college. It was, unfortunately, pulled from the magazine at the time of printing by the president’s office, as they did not want to have the college appear to be advocating for the Second Amendment, or gun ownership, in case it offended alumni donors. It is a balanced argument on gun control, which would have given Becker a chance to get out ahead of the issues after Sandy Hook. Given the renewed debate that is now occurring after the horrific terrorist attack in Orlando , Florida, this is a current issue.  The article is offered here for America Informed readers in its original format.

Click on the link to view the article Gun Control 2013 8-11

The Invisibly Wounded Warrior

by Dr. Steven Moysey

November 10, 2015

ManOnBenchThere are many demons that plague and gnaw at the soul of a soldier – uniformed or clandestine, and this demon makes no distinction in who it latches onto as a host.

The impact of this demon on fighting forces is ancient – as probably as old as conflict itself. As far back as 1000 BC an Egyptian combat veteran named Hori wrote about the feelings he experienced at the hand of this demon before going into battle: “You determine to go forward… Shuddering seizes you, the hair on your head stands on end, your soul lies in your hand.”

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Anchors Aweigh

by Steven Moysey

August 22, 2015

Immigrants“Remember, remember always, that all of us, you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt

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A Trojan Horse for the Clinton Campaign?

by Dr. Steve Moysey

TrojanHorseFor the second time in recent political history, billionaire developer Donald Trump has thrown his comb over into the ring as a GOP presidential candidate. Declaring himself to be unencumbered by either financial resources or political correctness, “The Donald” has taken the pollsters by storm with a significant lead over the rest of a voluminous GOP field.  Read more


Peace For Our Time?

by Dr. Steve Moysey

In 1938, the British Prime Minister, waving the document signed by Adolf Hitler over his head declared that negotiations with the Nazi regime had ensured “Peace for our time.”  The reason Chamberlain’s “peace for our time” is remembered is not that his theory of international relations was wrong but because he was hopelessly, dangerously naïve about Hitler’s intentions.
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The Road to Balcombe Street – the IRA Reign of Terror in London – 2nd edition

by Steve Moysey

BalcombeStreetThe Irish Republican Army learned a valuable lesson in the early 1970’s in their war of attrition against the British. It was a deadly realization – one bomb in London was worth twenty in Belfast. But, how to pull it off and not have the operatives captured as in past attempts? The Road to Balcombe Street details how the IRA managed to unleash a deadly terror campaign on the British Capital, and how the police found themselves nearly always one step behind and with precious little evidence as to who they were chasing.

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A Post-Modern American Congress

by Lauren Martel – Chief Legal Correspondent

This article came about after I became aware of an issue wherein Secretary of State John Kerry is targeting Spartanburg, South Carolina, as a refugee camp location. Read More

Iran and The Bomb – A Deal We Cannot Make

by Dr. Steve Moysey

Chamberlain KerryA lot has been happening these past few days on the so called deal with Iran to limit their nuclear capability. Earlier this week, Secretary John Kerry sat with member of congress for two days to outline the administration’s interpretation of this despicable capitulation to the Ayatollah’s and Obama’s spineless back channel “flexibility” to Vladimir Putin.

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Rand Paul Misguided on ISIS?

by Dr. M Zuhdi Jasser
April 9, 2015

Rand-Paul1Presidential candidate, Senator Rand Paul in response to a question from Sean Hannity about “what made ISIS grow so fast?” made the, at best, profoundly ignorant at worst a “Kucinich-like” pro-Assad statement that the primary reason for ISIS growth was that the United States sent 600 tons of arms to Syria which all ended up with ISIS!?

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ISIS: History And A Failure Of Imagination

by Dr. Steve Moysey

February 26, 2015

“…he [Muhammad] declared undistinguishing and exterminating war, as a part of his religion, against all the rest of mankind…The precept of the Koran is, perpetual war against all who deny, that Mahomet is the prophet of God.” ~ John Quincy Adams

The ultra-violent, radical Islamic terrorist group we call ISIS continues to take territory and make headlines. Backed by a slick media and video apparatus rivaling anything we may see from the west, they continue to make inroads both on their objectives in the region and drive fear and terror into the hearts of the western governments who appear paralyzed by their acts.

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Countering Terrorism – The Individual Face of Heroism

by Dr. Steve Moysey

February 26, 2015

TibbleOn the morning of February 25th, 20-year-old Kathryn Tibble got ready to head out to her job as a bank clerk at a branch in Brentford, five miles from the flat she shared with her husband of two years Stephen in Auriol Road, West Kensington.

Stephen, 21 years old, had been a Metropolitan police officer for three months after graduating from training at the Police College in Hendon, where he was regarded as the most promising recruit in his class. Stephen Tibble was still asleep as his wife quietly left the flat, so as not to disturb him as he slept after working a night shift.

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Oil and Ethanol Train Derailments: Soft Targets of Opportunity for Radical Islam?

by Dr. Steve Moysey

Train FireThe federal government predicts that trains hauling crude oil or ethanol will derail an average of 10 times a year over the next two decades, causing more than $4 billion in damage and possibly killing hundreds of people if an accident happens in a densely populated part of the U.S.

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News Update – Don’t Let The Facts Spoil A Good Yarn

by Dr. Steve Moysey
February 22, 2015

President Obama’s anger management session, AKA the summit on preventing extremist violence, was wrapped up at the end of last week with no firm objectives or outcomes. The session, in reality was a bone thrown to the Muslim community for the administration missing the world leader march in Paris… Read more

The Increasing Likelihood of Cyber Terrorism

by Alec Bass
February 5, 2015

Cyberterrorism-sizedThere is much concern about a significant terrorist attack in cyberspace. Mainstream media imply an attack is imminent. Are they indulging in sensationalism or are we going to wake up soon to reports of a cyber equivalent of 9/11 or the Oklahoma City bombing?

A significant cyber terrorist attack has not occurred yet. However, state-of-the-art cyber attacks, such as the one against Iran’s nuclear program, show that skilled attackers are developing the potential to inflict terror over the Internet.   Read More

Obama Funnels $10 Million to Netanyahu’s Opponents In Upcoming Elections

by Ilana Freedman
January 28, 2015

money-changing-handsA perfect storm is gathering in the Middle East, fueled by revolution, increasingly organized Islamic terrorism at its most brutal, and the repositioning of world leaders as they struggle to wrap their arms around the growing threat.


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Dr. Steve Moysey Speaks to SC Tea Party Coalition Convention

On January 17, Dr. Steve Moysey addressed the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention about the Second Amendment. The convention also included such luminaries as Dr. Benjamin Carson, Sen. Ted Cruz, Deneen Borelli, Gordon Chang and many others.

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Your Brain On FED LED ED: Where Did It Go?

by Lauren Martel – Chief Legal Correspondent 

DontJustTeachAre we creating an environment of curriculum and methodology of training that nurtures the idea—You are unique—just like everyone else?

What is the Original purpose of education? I grew up in a home where the Socratic method was encouraged, meaning we learned by asking questions. My parents encouraged us to think, rather than tell us the conclusion and skip the process of deduction. Here is a comparison of the definition of education from two sources. As we know, words matter.  Clinton tried to redefine the word “is”. Let’s see what affect post-modern influence has had on the word EDUCATION.

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The New Terrorism: Coming to a Street Near You

By Ilana Freedman and Dr. Steve Moysey

Screen shot 2015-01-07 at 8.04.14 AM.JPGWednesday’s mass execution of the editorial staff of Charlie Hebdo in Paris has shocked and frightened the world, as it was meant to do. It was a blast against free speech and for shariah compliance beyond the Muslim communities it claimed to represent. In a mercilessly brutal attack on a publication known best for its satirical cartoons and articles against the Muslim prophet Mohammed, the terrorists struck a blow against the heart of Western society.

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A Moral Equivalency

by Dr. Steve Moysey

DroneThe release this week of the Senate intelligence committee’s report on the CIA’s use of Enhanced InterrogationTechniques (EIT), continues to send reverberations around the world’s intelligence communities and foreign diplomatic offices. Despite warnings from the foreign office, intelligence communities and even our own State Department, Dianne Feinstein doggedly pushed ahead with the release of the document.

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Trillions and Trillions

by Dr. Steve Moysey

With a15-trillion-dollarsll the national media focused upon Ferguson and events in New York City, aided and abetted by the race industry pundits such as Al Sharpton and his ilk, you may have missed two events that slipped quietly under the radar this past week.

The first was the national debt, like an unstoppable juggernaut, ticked past the $18 trillion mark and keeps on rolling at an almost unbelievable pace as we borrow and spend money we don’t have. While troublesome as it is, and on target to end up being 20 trillion by the time Pres. Obama leaves office, equally troubling was the fact that we are no longer the world’s number one economy. All those red white and blue big foam hands with a finger sticking in the air proclaiming the United States to be number one are now obsolete. It’s a sad fact to have to swallow, but then this administration has wanted to deny American exceptionalism since the day we voted them in, intending to fundamentally change America. Well chaps, I have to say mission accomplished on the economic front.

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American Exceptionalism vs Multicultural Division

by Lauren Martel, Chief Legal Correspondent

a-PM-cartoonWhen men reject the Good Shepherd they follow some glorified bellwether who will lead the flock back to the jungle of tribal hate and strife.”     Irving Peake Johnson

How do you feel today? Are feelings always true? Are you free to express your feelings? Are you free to act on your feelings? Does true freedom come with some restraint? What actions are protected by the First Amendment?

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Republican or Democrat: Two Parties, One Ideology

by Bettina Romberg

political-symbols-democrat-republican-oMany throughout the country are rejoicing in the outcome of the election. Our President and Harry Reid, who for the past six years refused to bring any bills to the Senate floor that were proposed by Republicans, are now seeking bipartisan action. We have gotten so used to our government subverting, ignoring and pushing through anything they want, that it almost seems as if we woke up on November 5 in some alternate reality.

The fact is we haven’t. It is the same old game played this time by a different team.

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